Have the Analytical Mind for Business

At Global Trade Illinois in McHenry, Illinois, we offer worthwhile internships that train people in proper business administration. We also help you learn about internal and external communications. Our internships equip you with the ability to analyze markets and effectively determine the potential for profitability.

Administrative Expertise

This internship involves researching or facilitating trade education seminars and participating in round-table meetings. Note that prior knowledge of foreign affairs, both macro- and micro-economic, would be an asset, but is not required. Activities include:

Country Profile Preparation | Trade Statistics Studies | Market Trend Evaluations | Global Marketplace Evaluations | Foreign Affairs Research | International Strategy Development

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Media Community Liaisons

Through this highly engaging internship program, you can get hands-on experience on forming a liaison with the press and the media community. This allows you to become more proficient with corporate communications and public relations. Your responsibilities may include areas related to the following:

Advertising and Branding | Direct Marketing | Graphic Design | Product Packaging | Promotion and Publicity | Corporate Sponsorship | Public Relations | Sales Promotions | Online Marketing

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