International Business Environment Exposure

Take advantage of our internship programs at Global Trade Illinois in McHenry, Illinois. Our summer internships focus on providing top-caliber professionals and companies with advancement and growth opportunities on a global scale.

Global Business Proficiency

The international business scene is always on the lookout for elite professionals eager to make a difference in global business with their world-class talent. To provide companies around the world with people they can mold into future business leaders and key corporate figures, we open opportunities for unpaid or commissioned-based internships. This enables successful interns to expand their knowledge about the international business environment.

Internship Program Requirements

Self-motivated professionals with a high level of focus and the ability to work independently or with teams are our most preferred applicants. Our internship programs require candidates to devote three days a week to office work from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Internship candidates are also encouraged to occasionally attend receptions and conferences outside of regular business hours. The internships focus on the following:

Communications/Public Relations | Business Administration | Marketing | Event Planning | Graphic Design

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The membership fee for professionals working for corporations is $2,500, while the membership fee for professionals working for nonprofit organizations is $750. Subscription period is one year, with no recurring payments.

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