How to Enter Global Markets

At Global Trade Illinois in McHenry, Illinois, we believe that resourceful market research is the key to successful international trade missions. We enable companies in the state of Illinois to tap into global markets by using online tools and leveraging the skills of highly motivated professionals.

Mine the Online Ecosystem

With the Internet as your most powerful tool, entering global markets has become easier. The Internet can be used to promote your business as well as to look for reliable business partners in other countries. The first step is to conduct research. With more research done, you lessen the amount of risks. Meticulous research is necessary for the products you want to sell, as well as the businesses with whom you are signing agreements.

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Direct Consulate Contacts

Directly contacting the general consulate of the country you want to conduct business in is also useful. While embassies are often located in capital city locations, consulates are usually located in areas with more economic potential. When contacting a given consulate, be mindful of how you communicate your business proposals. Provide adequate information about your business and your import and export plans.

Trade Mission Information

Trade commissioners are available to facilitate trading between host countries and yours. By contacting consulates and speaking to trade commissioners, you may find valuable information and serious prospective business partners. With our 90-day electronic program, our company has successfully launched multiple businesses in the Chinese market.

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